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“Vouvray has the name, ROCHECORBON has the fame! ” said Rabelais about this small village which is located on the river Loire just a stone’s throw from Tours . It is well known for its Chenin blanc vineyards which fall within the VOUVRAY wine label (AOC).

During the tour, you will learn about the history of this charming hillside village which is built overlooking a valley . A little river, ” La Bédoire”, flows through the valley then on into the Loire.

You will travel up through the steep streets leading towards the vineyards and the XI century church. You will ride along the tuffeau stone cliffs towards the FALLEN STONE which houses a most quirky residence!

Next you will go back to the Loire riverside departure point where another adventure begins! The Grandes Caves St. Roch wine cellar will open their doors to you and invite you to follow a 3km maze of tunnels into the depths of the earth whilst learning about the history of wine, mushrooms and tuffeau stone on the way!

At the end of this trip, you may enjoy some wine tasting and sample some of the best wines of the region.

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Circuit 1


90 Min
Loire Riverside
Medieval Lantern Tower
Troglodyte Quarries
Wine Tasting


Would you prefer a 100% private tour? Book your time slot with us, close your group, and enjoy a personalised tour according to your wishes. At the end of the tour, you will receive a bottle of Chenin Blanc (Vouvray or Montlouis).


Less people, less traffic, less noise! For a change of atmosphere , enjoy the city lights with a nightime visit on our headlamp fitted Segways.
Departure time is at dusk and varies depending on the season.

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