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Set on the banks of the river Indre in southern Touraine , LOCHES is a pretty medieval town built entirely from tuffeau stone. Its history has developed around famous people such as Richard the Lion Heart, Charles VII or Joan or Arc. The town has a fortress where the oldest keep in Europe still stands!

The tour starts at the “Place de la Marne” opposite the tourist information office, and , depending on your chosen tour, you will wheel along the banks of the river Indre before riding through the public gardens which offer a lovely view of the royal dwelling.

Next you will effortlessly glide up the steep streets which lead to the Joan of Arc gate and the entrance to the fortress . This is where the keep has been standing for over a thousand years , you will ride around the keep through the Baschet park.

You will then go back down towards the Indre riverside riding along the fortress battlements and their ancient access to the drawbridge.

Some of you may choose to extend your trip by visiting the ancient tuffeau stone quarries , dropping into the depths of the earth for an unforgettable 2km journey bursting with history, surprising sights and sounds!

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Circuit 1


45 Min
Market Place
Public gardens
Old town
Fortress and Keep
Circuit 2

Visit troglodyte

90 Min
Indre Riverside
Market Place
Public gardens
Old town
Fortress and Keep
Troglodyte quarries


Would you prefer a 100% private tour? Book your time slot with us, close your group, and enjoy a personalised tour according to your wishes. At the end of the tour, you will receive a bottle of Chenin Blanc (Vouvray or Montlouis).


Less people, less traffic, less noise! For a change of atmosphere , enjoy the city lights with a nightime visit on our headlamp fitted Segways.
Departure time is at dusk and varies depending on the season.

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