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Technical characteristics

Developed by the American company ChiBatterySystems, this battery is specially designed to increase the autonomy of your Onewheel PINT by 40%!

This battery is assembled by professionals equipped with industrial tools with pure nickel strips, insulated positive cell terminals, multiple layers of insulation including heat resistant Kapton tape, fire retardant structural fiber tape and wear resistant PVC packaging. It is wrapped in shock absorbing foam to protect against any kind of impact.
The cells are new and come directly from the manufacturer. They are SAFE tested according to UN 38.3 and have been used in similar applications for years!

This battery works perfectly with the firmware 5314 and previous versions of the Onewheel PINT.

You can find HERE the assembly instructions in English

⚠️ The installation of this battery voids the manufacturer’s warranty and is your responsibility.
⚠️ Be sure to charge your battery to 100% before riding.

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